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Wednesday, July 31, 2002
Joel Garreau, as usual, has written a captivating and useful piece about Howard Reingold's new book on Smart Mobs, and the concept of "swarming."
Saturday, July 20, 2002
Arcade magazine, the Journal of Architecture and Design in the Northwest, has a pretty decent website.
The Skeptical Environmentalist gets Skewered
This collection of articles rebutting specific chapters in The Skeptical Environmentalist is much-needed. I've always thought Lomborg was trying the oldest play in the career book, the betray-the-cause-you-love play. It's nice to see his work put decisively in the rubbish bin by people of the caliber of E.O.Wilson, Norman Myers and Lester Brown. For those just joining us, yes, we're still in the middle of an environmental crisis.
An excellent Frank Rich column on the financial scandals uncoiling around the President.

"Wagging the dog no longer cuts it. If the Bush administration wants to distract Americans from watching their 401(k)'s go down the toilet, it will have to unleash the whole kennel."
Friday, July 19, 2002
Oh, it's all too beautiful
The website for the TIPS program - Bush and Ashcroft's plan to have millions of mailmen, delivery people and meter-readers spy on us in our homes, schools, churches and workplaces - has a Privacy Policy.

If you have a hard time finding serious proposal for the creation of an informant state funny, though, you might sign one of the many petitions out there - like the No Cooperation with the US Stasi petition - or better yet, write your senators and join the ACLU.
Sunday, July 14, 2002
Whistling Past the Global Graveyard is the NYT's harrowing, damning condemnation of the West's inaction in the face of a mounting global AIDS epidemic.
Saturday, July 13, 2002
Recycling Computers, Changing Lives
Free Geek is a very cool .org. I once read that all truly useful and elegant solutions solve more than one problem at a time. Well, Free Geek takes old computers and reconfigures them as Linux boxes for the poor, addressing environmental (dead computers are a major source of toxic pollution), social justice (bridging the digital divide) and civic (info for those that most need it) concerns.

Their motto is making the needy nerdy. Bravo!
(from bOINGbOING)
Friday, July 12, 2002
On the Lost Coast
In Humboldt, and finally getting settled in. It's unbelievably hot, at least by Cascadian standards: it was 105 today and now, just before midnight, it's still in the low eighties. Too hot to sleep. Almost too hot to write. The air is parched and the meadows have already dried their late-summer golden tan. I swam in the Eel River the other day: drifted downstream watching the sky through the branches of the trees overhead, happy to be out of the heat, thinking how odd a lyric "life is but a dream" really is.

The cabin I'm staying in is fairly modern, considering that it's on the side of a mountain in the middle of nowhere. I have my own electricity (solar), hot water (propane) and telephony (squeeky slow). And my own mice. They're resisting my invasion with every tool at their disposal, which seems to mostly mean throwing themselves into my mousetraps at a furious clip (seven since I moved in). But since no one's stayed here for the last three months, there's plenty more of them, and they've made a mess of the place: I spent all day yesterday cleaning dust, mouse nests and droppings, thinking in the back of my mind, "Hanta virus."

The combination of human occupancy and traps should drive them off, though, and leave me sole master of a mountaintop cabin where in the mornings I can drink tea and listen to KMUD, the local community radio station; and where in the evenings I can sit on the porch, read, drink a warm beer and watch the sun set over the mountains across the valley.

In between, I write a book.

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