Wild Green Yonder
Wednesday, June 25, 2003
As many of you know, last winter I guest-edited an issue of Whole Earth review - what was to be their Spring issue. Unfortunately, Whole Earth has hit some hard times, and they're still trying to finish raising the money to publish that issue. As part of an appeal for subscriptions and donations, though, they've put up a selection of pieces from the issue

The issue explores the idea of the Singularity - the notion that as technology continues to accelerate, our ability to predict its consequences breaks down. There's some pretty good stuff there (if I may say): Bruce Sterling on how to avoid technological catastrophes; Cory Doctorow on why the Singularity is the Rapture of the Geeks; an interview with Jaron Lanier, etc. (they're all posted as PDFs, so depending on your connection speed they may take a moment to download).

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